Why Dagenham?

Economic Regeneration through Renewable Energy

Chinook Urban Mining selected the Dagenham Dock for the location of its flagship EfW facility because of its proximity to London and strategic placement within the planned London Sustainable Industries Park (SIP).   The SIP, with its focus on environmental and clean technology businesses, will help to regenerate the Dagenham Dock area.  Chinook Urban Mining is excited to become a leader in Greater London’s regeneration efforts and renewable energy production.

Efficient Regeneration

Having previously obtained the necessary Environmental Permit and planning approvals for advanced thermal waste treatment, the site will be developed on an 8.3 acre plot of Brownfield land in need of regeneration within the SIP. This site historically has been part of the Dagenham Dock and its workings, with rail lines and oil and coal storage being used across the site.  Situated less than 1 km away from the Dagenham loading docks, the Chinook Urban Mining facility will explore all options to adopt the Mayor of London’s Blue Ribbon transport scheme, whereby some equipment and materials could be transported by sea from Liverpool (92% of all facility equipment is produced within the UK).

Job Creation

The development of the SIP will have a significant positive impact on job creation.  Drawing on the historical pre-disposition to manufacturing and engineering of the Dagenham Dock area, the Chinook Urban Mining facility will contribute to a reduction in the above-average unemployment in the Borough of Barking & Dagenham – with no less than 50 skilled jobs to be created, including engineers, technicians, and operations management staff.

Proximity to Market

The Chinook Urban Mining facility will be located less than 10 miles from Central London.  Locating a facility in East London stops waste from being transferred out of the area for disposal, thereby curtailing transportation-related costs and reducing greenhouses gases.  Approximately 15% of the throughput for the power plant facility is available within the SIP. Potential users of the renewable energy generated from the plant also reside at or near the SIP.  In addition, the site is located less than 0.5 miles from an active waste collection area from whence the feedstock will be diverted.  As such, Chinook Urban Mining will minimalize added transportation costs, while contributing to land reclamation in Greater London.

Contributing to Achievement of Renewable Energy Targets

The Chinook Urban Mining facility at the SIP will have an installed electricity capacity of up to 17 MWe of low-carbon renewable electricity.  Part of London’s carbon emissions reduction program is a plan for more decentralised low-carbon energy generation, with a goal of 25% of its energy to be provided by power plants with low-carbon emissions. The Chinook Urban Mining facility meets the decentralised and low-carbon requirements set forth in the London plan and will help London to meet its goal of reduced greenhouse gas emissions.