Valuables Reclamation

Chinook Sciences, the creator of the RODECS® has its roots in valuables reclamation. The RODECS® system is specifically designed to gasify all of the organic material it processes, while leaving all inorganic material (such as precious, non-ferrous and ferrous metals) intact and unharmed. The processing temperatures used by the RODECS® are hot enough to cause the organic material to gasify, but well below the temperature where the valuable metals will be destroyed.

If heavily contaminated scrap metal material containing significant amounts of organic material is re-melted as-is, the organics will burn in the furnace, destroying much of the metal in the process and creating harmful smoke emissions. When introduced, the RODECS® was a “disruptive” or “game changing” technology in the metal industry because it allowed for the cost efficient processing of scrap metal material that would otherwise, because of its heavily contaminated condition, be landfilled or exported to countries where the lower cost of labor allowed for hand cleaning the material.

Reclaiming these valuables reduces the amount of residual waste to landfills, and encourages recycling.