What is Energy from Waste?

Energy from Waste (“EfW”) is the extraction of stored potential energy in waste to create electricity.

At Chinook Urban Mining, we have reviewed all of the alternatives and carefully selected the most advanced available technology for EfW. With a focus on the environment, we identified Chinook Sciences technology, which uses Gasification and Pyrolysis, as the most efficient, environmentally friendly and, most technologically advanced form of Energy from Waste generation.

Working alongside independent engineers, we continue to actively review Best Available Technologies around the world to ensure we remain at the forefront of the EfW sector, standing by our Environmental Principles.


Chinook Urban Mining strongly adheres to the Waste Hierarchy: Reuse, Recycle, Recover; and every effort is maintained to ensure as much recycling occurs before waste arrives at our facility. Further, emphasis is placed on technologies which ensure valuable materials can be recovered during and/or after the process.

What is Gasification and Pyrolysis?

Gasification and Pyrolysis are processes that convert carbon-based materials into a synthetic gas, or syngas. The Municipal Solid Waste, MSW, (or household waste) and Commercial & Industrial Waste, C&I, are heated at temperatures of approximately 550°C, with controlled levels of oxygen (or in pyrolysis with zero oxygen) to prevent combustion. This highly controlled temperature process refines out corrosive ash elements such as chloride and potassium, allowing clean gas production from otherwise problematic fuels. The resulting syngas can then be combusted to create electricity.

Why Gasification and Pyrolysis?

The technologies we deploy:

  • Have a negative carbon footprint on a lifecycle basis– the processes contribute to a permanent removal of greenhouse gases from the Earth’s atmosphere;
  • Support the UK’s aim for a Zero Waste economy;
  • Result in inert residual waste of less than 13%, which can be used for building composites;
  • Have over 99% carbon conversion efficiency rate for maximum syngas generation
  • All high-value metals and glass are recoverable after the process – respecting the waste hierarchy.
  • The technology is modular and scalable – ensuring appropriate community sized facilities

For more information about the technology, visit our technology partner’s site: Chinook Sciences