After an in-depth due diligence into available Energy from Waste technologies worldwide, Chinook Sciences’ RODECS® was chosen as the Best Available Technology for our project. With over 13 years commercial operation, Chinook Sciences was the obvious choice as our Technology Partner.

The RODECS® Active Pyro Process:

i) eliminates greenhouse gases with its negative carbon footprint,

ii) has the unique ability to recover inert valuables, such as metal (un-oxidised, de-coated and clean) and glass, and

iii) has an extremely efficient carbon conversion rate.

In addition, the technology is scalable in size enabling community-size facilities to be developed without impacting local environments. Furthermore, being a UK-based company, with over 90% of all components and machinery manufactured within the British Isles, reduces any carbon footprint and environmental impact of delivery and installation of the machinery at our site.

For more information on the technology visit Chinook Sciences’ website